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Compound Interested - VICE

Compound Interested - VICE

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Compound Interested


A collaboration with director and animator Lara Lee for VICE and VICE News for a new online digital series “Compound Interested”. We directed and animated 6 episodes in total for the series which were aired on VICE NEWS YouTube channel.


Episode 1:
Will I Be Renting Forever?

Episode 2:
Why Are So Many Tech Companies Worth Billions?

Episode 3:
Is My Supermarket Ripping Me Off?

Episode 4:
Why Do Coupons Exist?

Episode 5:
Can You Trust Online Reviews?

Episode 6:
Are Banks Co-opting Bitcoin's Technology?

Additional Animation by Linn Fritz, Mathijs Luijten, Joe Sparkes, Daniela Sherer and Zach Ellams.

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